It is a very bad sign when journalists in the United States get arrested.  Please watch the attached video by Josh Fox on the arrest of journalists covering the Dokota Access Pipeline protests.
It is important that we raise the profile of this issue.  Start by discussing with your friends.   Just mention “Did you know police are starting to arrest journalists covering climate protests?”
We can’t let our government and the fossil fuel industry control how the story is framed. US Citizens are rising up not because they are extremists, but because we are under attack from the Fossil Fuel Industry.  It is the fossil fuel industry that is reckless. The fossil fuel industry is the danger.  The US Military has classified it as one of the top threats to our national security as it is a threat multiplier worsening existing threats and creating new ones.

This makes the fossil fuel industry a threat to national security, those who support it accomplices, and  journalists defenders of our nation.

That journalists are being treated as criminals shows the extent to which the fossil fuel industry and its climate crime bosses are calling the shots.  It should terrify you that the fossil fuel industry is using militarized police to do its bidding.