Congregations, Digital Ministry, and the Covid19 Coronavirus

Friends, you can find all of my Coronavirus (COVID-19) posts and videos here. In addition to sharing these posts, I am helping clergy and other religious professionals ramp up their digital skills and strategy. If you need support and would like to work with me one-on-one or as a staff team, please contact me here.

Covid19 Strategy: Newcomers, Congregations, and the Digital Path to Membership

In response to the COVID19 coronavirus, we are moving our worship, ministries, and congregational life online at lightning speed. As we do so, many congregations are reporting an increase in first-time visitors. They just happen to be ONLINE visitors. This increase in online visitors is something we should expect and plan for!

Online Worship? Zoom Meeting versus Zoom Webinar

Congregations are moving their worship services online in response to the Covid19 coronavirus. Many are choosing Zoom as a platform. This raises the question, should your congregation use Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar? I’ve been discussing this with clients and colleagues. Here’s a quick discussion of considerations following Zoom’s comparison chart.