Watch implosion of the Brayton Point power plant towers

The morning of April 27, 2019 climate activists including members of Climate Action RI and the Climate Disobedience Center joined members of the community to watch and celebrate the implosion of the Brayton Point power plant towers.

This is my video of the towers coming down filmed from Fall River, MA. The implosion was accompanied by the Extraordinary Rendition Band.

The implosion of the Brayton Point power plant towers on April 27, 2019 viewed from Fall River, MA.

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Brayton Point Power Plant Tower Implosion GIF



Keeping up with Social Media

This Spring I’ve been speaking regularly on the impact of  cultural, demographic and technological trends on non-profits, including liberal congregations.  Particularly how social media is changing how organizations need to engage with their constituents.  What was particularly telling is that from one keynote and workshop to another, generally one or two weeks apart, the technology was changing on me!  New offerings from Skype, changing Facebook layouts, and on and on.  So, for the record, let me say that it is not easy keeping up.  It takes consistent energy and intention.  Kind of reminds me of that classic I Love Lucy segment in the chocolate factory (below).  The changes keep coming and coming and coming…

Making Giant Icicle Castles

Here in Boston our roof is producing icicles at an amazing rate. I’ve been removing them from the roof of our front porch when they get over three feet long.  What to do with all those icicles?  Make icicle castles!

This photo was taken after several days of melting, but you get the idea.   The larger chunk on the right is what was left after knocking a five foot icicle off the edge of the roof.