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Friends, for the New Year I’ve launched a new podcast.  It is live and ready for you to subscribe to wherever you listen to podcasts.

Why a podcast?

We have a growing need for community builders who understand how to promote connection and build meaningful relationships wherever they are.

We need more opportunities to come together to explore the issues of our time, with this promoting civic engagement and action.

We also need community leaders to embrace the growing digital context of our lives and learn how to use digital tools to connect, engage, and inspire.

Through this podcast I’m sharing my work with connection, community building, nonprofit and congregational life, small group organizing, social media, digital leadership, and more!

Please subscribe for audio from my trainings, keynotes, guest interviews, Q and A sessions, podcast-only conversations, and audio masterclasses.

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Thank you for subscribing, for being part of the conversation, and for your leadership.

In community,
Peter Bowden

2020 Future Cast for Congregational Leaders

Next week I’m offering my “2020 Future Cast” to my 2019 training program for congregational leaders.  This is our final session in the series. We’re discussing top tech and communication trends that are shaping your community, your congregation and the context within which you are doing ministry today.

To my nonprofit and religious professional colleagues, I’m now booking professional chapter group and staff team strategy sessions for 2020. That includes remote Zoom sessions across the United States.
This is a great time to plan opportunities to get oriented to the impact digital culture is having on your community, explore ways to upgrade your strategy and invest in your team’s digital leadership skills.
This can feel overwhelming,  but I make it fun, exciting and very practical.  In addition to group trainings, I also offer private coaching for executives.  Want to discuss the possibilities?   Contact me.

New Year Preview

After the New Year, look for the following:

• new stand-alone on-demand courses
• single session webinars (not subscription)
• ongoing free public LIVE VIDEO sessions
• new podcast coming out this month!

I’ll be sharing much more as these roll out.    Subscribe to get updates!

November 13: Congregations, Harness the Power of Your Podcast! 

Congregations, Harness The Power of Your Podcast!
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 7pm EST
60 Minutes • Presented by Peter Bowden

Many congregational leaders fear audio podcasts keep people from visiting. The opposite is true!

Audio podcasts are frequently used to evaluate congregations, including deciding to visit and ultimately join.  Podcasts also help existing members and volunteers stay engaged.

With podcasts and smart speakers growing in popularity, your audio ministry is more valuable than ever! We’ll discuss using podcasts for outreach, education, membership development, and stewardship.

NOTE: If you hold weekly services that include a sermon, you should be recording audio of these talks.  If you do, distributing this content as a podcast is a must!

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Video overview of Fall Training Topics:


On-Demand: Mastering Your Plan a Visit Strategy

Leading Congregations Monthly Training

Topic:  Mastering your “Plan A Visit” Strategy
Date: Presented Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Duration: 60 minutes
Recording:  Available to program members

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Many people thinking about visiting a congregation make it to the congregation’s website, but never follow through with a visit.

Thinking about visiting a congregation is very stressful, let alone actually visiting.

You can help people interested in your congregation follow through with a visit by helping them decide to visit RIGHT THEN AND THERE when they are on your website and considering it.

Don’t let people linger in an anxious, tentative, “maybe I’ll visit someday” state.

To help them commit to a visit and move forward requires understanding their state of mind, shifting your website’s language, and what you are asking them to do.

Instead of saying, “Oh, visit anytime,” you ask them to RSVP for an upcoming service. You proactively help them plan their visit and send them clear instructions, resources, and support.

The best part?

You can automate this process with automated emails sending visitors who RSVP the information they need, prompting them to ask if they have additional questions, as well as notifying your team that they are coming.

By doing this you shift when you collect information from when they visit in person to when they plan to visit online. Instead of trying to figure out who newcomers are as they come in, you’re proactively connecting with them in advance.

Can you tell I love this strategy? 

I’m watching this strategy being deployed across the church world. All the rapidly growing congregations I follow are shifting to this approach.

If you aren’t using this strategy on your website and membership development process, consider joining us for this session!

You can join my monthly training program for congregatioanl leaders and leave at any time via your PayPal account.  To join for this session, enroll, and then end your subscription via PayPal once the session is complete. You’ll have a full month of access to our program member site.

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Training Greeters with Peter Bowden

If you’re like me, you care deeply about helping people connect with great congregations.  An essential part of this process is having fantastic greeters.   That’s the focus of my August 14th Leading Congregations Monthly session.  I hope you’ll join us!

Topic:  Training Greeters (Worship Greeters)

Peter Bowden

Date and Time:

Duration: 60 minute presentation with extended Q&A


• Why digital culture makes fantastic greeters more important than ever!
• What greeters need to do
• What greeters need to know
• Greeter pitfalls to avoid
• Other considerations inspired by your questions.

Registration: This training is part of my monthly training program. When you join Leading Congregations Monthly you are able participate in monthly live online trainings  and access all previous sessions on-demand.

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Contact me if you have questions!

In cooperation,
Peter Bowden


The Ministry of Communication

Friends, my session on “The Ministry of Communication” has been posted to our Leading Congregation’s Monthly member area.   Details below.  ~ Peter

Topic: The Ministry of Communication
Presenter:  Peter Bowden
Duration:  60 Minutes

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The goal of this session is to help you take your congregation’s communications to a new level!

Specifically, I’m talking about placing your media and communication efforts at the heart of your ministry — love it or hate it, that’s where it needs to be given our increasingly digitally oriented society.

After my opening challenge and cheerleading, we’ll cover the practical considerations listed below.

• Welcome and Introductions
• Upgrading your ministry-communication mindset!
• Collaboration between clergy, staff, and volunteer communicators
• Building your media capacity
• Coordinating your team’s work
• Thoughts on Communication Staff
•  Closing Q&A
•  Program Announcements