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Mobile Video Tips for the Peoples Climate March

If you’re going to the People’s Climate March, you are going to one of the most important demonstrations in history!  We want and need you to help capture the voices of the people present.  Here are some tips for making video with your smart phone.You can follow my climate march tweets on Twitter @ClimateSocial, that’s my account for all of my volunteer climate media coverage and training.  See you in NYC!  ~ Peter

First, Your Mobile Video Mission

Your mobile video mission, should you choose to accept it, is to capture the voices of the people present.  With 100,000+ of us there, no one can capture all the voices. It is going to take all of us.  So, while we’ll all be taking video of the amazing crowds, the art, the signs,  make sure you take a video of the people you’re with sharing why they’re marching. It can be really simple:

“I’m [name] and I’m marching because  (or for) ….”   

Just give us that one statement on camera.  Then, if you’re so moved,  tell us about the march, what you’re experiencing, how it feels, etc…

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On Radio Tomorrow: On the Peoples Climate March, Why I’m Marching

Exciting news! I’ve been invited to speak tomorrow during the First Church Boston live streamed radio broadcast on the Peoples Climate March.

A very special thanks to Rev. Stephen Kendrick for offering that invitation. We need people of faith to be using (and sharing) their pulpits to focus attention on climate.

So tomorrow I’ll be explaining what’s happening with the march, share why I’m marching and offer a call for everyone listening to get involved. It is only 5 minutes, but I’ve been told the radio audience is around 15,000 people.

Educate Your Community, Watch Disruption

You can do a lot to help educate people on climate. Invite family and friends, be it in a group or one-on-one, to watch the new documentary on the Peoples Climate March, DISRUPTION. You may watch it online, download it, and have permission to schedule a screening.

Listen Live Tomorrow

Listen to First Church Boston services live tomorrow, Sunday, at 11am Eastern Time.

Tune in to 88.9 FM WERS in Boston
WERS internet live stream at

Listen to WERS on your smartphone with the following mobile apps:

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Lobster Boat Blockade Climate Trial Media

The day of the September 8, 2014 Lobster Boat Blockade “Climate Trial” of Jay O’Hara and Ken Ward  I volunteered to take photographs to share with the media.  Many of these photos have been picked up, the most widely circulated a photo featuring District Attorney Sam Sutter holding a Rolling Stone Magazine with Bill McKibben’s article “A Call to Arms.”

DA Sam Sutter holding Rolling Stone Magazine
DA Sam Sutter holding Rolling Stone Magazine

The following are some of the websites featuring these photos.   Photos may be used with photo credit “Peter Bowden” with link to my Twitter profile.  You may access full gallery  photos here.

Boston Globe: Bristol DA drops charges, says protesters were right
By David Abel | Globe Staff   September 08, 2014

DeSmogBlog: Massachusetts District Attorney Makes History: Recognizes Necessity of Defending Climate
By Ben Jervey | September 08, 2014

The Nation: Charges Were Just Dropped Against These Climate Activists in the Most Stunning Way
By Wen Stephenson | September 08, 2014

Crowd Gathers for Statements at Lobster Boat Blockade Climate Trial
Defense Attorney Makes Statement at Lobster Boat Blockade Climate Trial