Easy Climate Conversation Starter

On #ClimateTwitter the question came up, “How do you get other parents talking about climate?”

In addition to proactively raising the subject, I wear a Heart Earth Pin on my winter coat and favorite sport coats all the time.

People I know and people I haven’t’ met yet will spontaneously say, “Hey, I love your pin.”

When they do, I share how I feel about climate, affirm our need to take action, mention how I’m involved with climate movement, and ask if they’re connected to any climate groups. If they are not, I recommend some groups.

When possible, I ask if I can email them information about some great groups like Mothers Out Front, 350, Citizens Climate Lobby, Extinction Rebellion, etc…

I bought 4 or 5 of the pins mentioned in this video via Amazon, but any pin you can wear all the time is great. I checked and Etsy has many options – see below.

Etsy Earth Pin Collection

Earth Heart Pin

Other Earth pins

Amazon links are affiliate links and contribute to my Earth Heart Pin fund. I keep buying and giving away pins. 🙂

Friday, May 31: UU Climate Justice Update with Aly Tharp


Aly Tharp of Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth Friday and Peter Bowden share timely UU climate justice news, events, and opportunities.  Links related to this week’s news:

The Procession of Species & UUMFE 30th Anniversary Dinner Celebration


Climate Justice: Extending Our Reach
August 4 – August 9, 2019

Conference: Building a Movement for a “Green New Deal”
Advocacy Conference on Environmental Justice, Class and Race by UUs for Just Economic Community, UU Ministry for Earth and UUSJ
Sunday, September 15-Tuesday 17, 2019
Sunday 11:15 AM through Tuesday 4:00 PM
Washington, DC

Youth vs. Gov Climate Trial

Aly Tharp is the Program Manager of the UU Ministry for Earth.

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Watch implosion of the Brayton Point power plant towers

The morning of April 27, 2019 climate activists including members of Climate Action RI and the Climate Disobedience Center joined members of the community to watch and celebrate the implosion of the Brayton Point power plant towers.

This is my video of the towers coming down filmed from Fall River, MA. The implosion was accompanied by the Extraordinary Rendition Band.

The implosion of the Brayton Point power plant towers on April 27, 2019 viewed from Fall River, MA.

Related Reading:

Coal’s Final Implosion In Massachusetts

The Lobster Boat Blockade at Brayton Point

Brayton Point Power Plant Tower Implosion GIF



VIDEOS: Valve Turners and expert witnesses talk #ClimateTrial verdict following their acquittal

The valve turners were acquitted today, which means the trial will not move forward with expert witnesses being able testify on the impacts of climate change and urgency of our taking bold and immediate action.

Watch live stream videos below for statements immediately following the verdict.


Shut It Down – Climate Direct Action Live Stream Video 1:

Shut It Down – Climate Direct Action Live Video 2:

Shut It Down – Climate Direct Action Live Video 3:

Additional video by Leonard Higgins:

Announcing the new Climate Workshop Podcast!

climate workshop podcast header

Exciting news! I’ve started a new podcast with my friend, colleague, and internationally recognized climate activist Tim DeChristopher. The Climate Workshop Podcast is dedicated to working through the challenges of the climate crisis from the uncharted to the unthinkable.

As Tim notes on his website:

We’re calling this the Climate Workshop Podcast because we’re “workshopping” the emerging ideas at the boundaries of the climate change discourse, and because we are very conscious of the fact that all our talking needs to be connected to actually doing the work of defending a livable and humane future.

Listen and Subscribe

Below is a SoundCloud player with the introductory episode which covers why we’re making a podcast, the kind of converstionswe hope to share, and some of our background.

You can subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform using the following links.  Want additional news and updates on the show?  Sign up to receive Climate Workshop Podcast email updates.

100% Listener Supported

We’re funding this project using Patreon, the membership site for content creators. If you’d like to help support the podcast at $1 or more per episode, you may become a patron of the show here. We have our first few patrons which means we have started the journey towards being 100% listener supported.  Thank you for your support, be it subscribing, sharing this podcast, or becoming a patron.