How fast are robots evolving? These robots will blow you away.

I am blown away by the speed at which our robots are evolving.   We aren’t seeing them too much in our everyday lives, but as soon as they reach a critical threshold for agility, balance, autonomous navigation, and safety — BOOM!  They will be everywhere.  I see us approaching that quickly.  Not tomorrow, not next year.  But five years from now I think we’ll see the number of everyday robots in our communities skyrocketing.  Here are a few videos to give you a sense of the trend.

“Our idea is to try and build robots that can do everything that people and animals can do.”  – Marc Raibert, Boston Dynamics.

New Spot Mini

The older spot. Amazing difference between these two videos (above and below)

Atlas now.

Agility Robotics


What does Google DEEP MIND mean for Artificial Intelligence

Recently Google’s Deep Mind software “Alpha Go” beat the top player of the game GO  in the world.  What does this mean for the future?  Well, this milestone — beating the top human Go player — came faster than experts in the field of AI expected.  All of our predictions (and potential worries) about the future, they’re going to come faster than we expect.  The conversations we need to have about the future, we need to have them today.