Tim DeChristopher on the Delta 5 Climate Trial Verdict

In this video Tim DeChristopher shares an overview of the Delta 5 trial, the outcome, implications and his thoughts on how to use civil disobedience as a strategy moving forward. DeChristopher and the Climate Disobedience Center team supported the Delta 5 during the trial. For more see  Tim DeChristopher’s  January 16, 2016 talk “The Power of… Read More

Delta 5 Activists Go to Climate Trial Armed with Necessity Defense

BREAKING : According to my colleague, climate activist Tim DeChristopher, the judge in the Delta 5 case is allowing the use of the Necessity Defense. This is the legal defense which DeChristopher was denied in his prominent trial for disrupting an illegitimate Bureau of Land Management oil and gas auction in December of 2008. DeChristopher served 20 months… Read More

Ken Ward / Jay O’Hara Lobster Blockade Trial Photos

The day of the September 8, 2014 Lobster Boat Blockade “Climate Trial” of Jay O’Hara and Ken Ward I volunteered to take photographs to share with the media. Many of these photos have been picked up, the most widely circulated a photo featuring District Attorney Sam Sutter holding a Rolling Stone Magazine with Bill McKibben’s article “A Call to Arms.” Read More