Larry Ladd on the Ecology & Economy of UU Identity Theological Schools

Those of you interested in UU ministry, theological education and finances — this post is for you.

What’s the future hold for our theological schools?
What does the past tell us?
Can we overcome crushing student debt?
What are the choices for our association?

If the questions above interest you, read Larry Ladd’s new paper shared at recent Panel on Theological Education conference.

“Unleashing the Scientist Within!” Keynote

On Saturday, May 19th I will be offering the keynote at the 2nd annual SEEPP Spring Enrichment Conference, offered by the Southeast Education Professionals Partnership. I’ll be sharing learning from my 10 years as a children’s television producer and on location educator.  In addition to my keynote and workshop, there is a great lineup of workshop presenters.   I’m honored to be speaking for this group of educators.   If you made the May 11th registration deadline, I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

And as always, email me or call (617) 744-9784 for booking.

Download Conference Brochure PDF

2nd Annual SEEPP Enrichment Conference
Offered by the Southeast Education Professionals Partnership
Saturday May 19, 2012 ~ 8:00 a.m.– 3:00 p.m.

The Taunton Holiday Inn
700 Myles Standish Boulevard
Taunton, MA 02780

Unleashing the Scientist Within!  Lessons from Children’s Television
Peter Bowden, Independent Television Producer and Consultant
How can we effectively (and affordably) engage children with science, math & engineering concepts? Peter Bowden, preschool teacher turned children’s t.v. producer & on-location educator, will share lessons from a decade of producing educational media for children’s t.v. shows. With enthusiasm & humor, he will share the process & principles guiding his work producing activity segments from many of your favorite shows.


Ah, the scent of a fresh new website!  Welcome to my new website and blog. I’ve worked on a wide range of social media projects and have been waiting for some of these to end before launching my own blog.

Over the last year my work has been growing  to include helping individuals and small organizations take their next steps with video and social media.   I’m enjoying the expanding scope of my work as I’m an educator at heart and love meeting and collaborating with new people.  For the last seven years I’ve been commuting to Boston to work on several nationally syndicated television shows.

This Summer I am moving to Cambridge, MA.  I look forward to meeting and working with those of you in the greater Boston area in person.