Is this how Mr. Rogers would protest #ExxonKnew?

For those of you wondering how to conduct an #ExxonKnew  gas station protest,  here’s a fabulous video of Ken Ward, one of the Climate Disobedience Center founders, protesting in Oregon.

Disclaimer:  This does not constitute legal advice! Just a great video example.

Watching this makes me think that this is how Mr. Rogers would protest if he were still alive — kind, not a trace of hostility, a focus on educating his neighbors, and determined to do the right thing.  Why?  Because he cares.

I love watching the faces of the people Ward speaks with.  We need thousands upon thousands of points of contact like this with neighbors, local business owners and politicians across our country and around the world to accelerate our transition .

Whether it is protesting a gas station or having a conversation checking in with your friends,  think about where YOU can highlight the urgency of the climate change and help call for a swifter transition to an economy supporting a livable future.

Thanks to Ken Ward for reminding us that anyone can do this. 
Thanks to Lindsey Grayzel for filming and producing this video. 
Thanks to Bill McKibben for inspiring the growing wave of #ExxonKnew gas station protests. 




Lobster Boat Blockade Climate Trial Media

The day of the September 8, 2014 Lobster Boat Blockade “Climate Trial” of Jay O’Hara and Ken Ward  I volunteered to take photographs to share with the media.  Many of these photos have been picked up, the most widely circulated a photo featuring District Attorney Sam Sutter holding a Rolling Stone Magazine with Bill McKibben’s article “A Call to Arms.”

DA Sam Sutter holding Rolling Stone Magazine
DA Sam Sutter holding Rolling Stone Magazine

The following are some of the websites featuring these photos.   Photos may be used with photo credit “Peter Bowden” with link to my Twitter profile.  You may access full gallery  photos here.

Boston Globe: Bristol DA drops charges, says protesters were right
By David Abel | Globe Staff   September 08, 2014

DeSmogBlog: Massachusetts District Attorney Makes History: Recognizes Necessity of Defending Climate
By Ben Jervey | September 08, 2014

The Nation: Charges Were Just Dropped Against These Climate Activists in the Most Stunning Way
By Wen Stephenson | September 08, 2014

Crowd Gathers for Statements at Lobster Boat Blockade Climate Trial
Defense Attorney Makes Statement at Lobster Boat Blockade Climate Trial