Design Squad Cardboard Playhouse Goes Viral!

This Cardboard Playhouse video we produced for Design Squad now has gone viral — Update: now over 5 million views — on Youtube!  It was a fun video to produce. We worked with DSN host Nate Ball and his son. But I didn’t give it much thought after production until I started seeing it shared again and again by friends on Facebook.  I’m sure the view count will keep rising. Jump over to Youtube to see the count.   As is the case for most of the childrens media projects I work on, I’m off camera working on design, educational objectives, ramping up the fun.

Design Squad Nation

Our team will produces video segments for web based Design Squad Nation.  The following description is from the DSN website:

The DESIGN SQUAD NATION website is an online community that grew out of the DESIGN SQUAD television series that aired on PBS KIDS. The site targets kids ages 8 and older and features creative activities, engaging video, interactive games, and exciting contests. The goal of Design Squad is to give kids a stronger understanding of the design process, and the connection between engineering and the things we all use in everyday life. The results of engineering are all around us: from cars to cameras and everything in between. Being an engineer doesn’t mean being a “nerd” with a pocket protector. It means being a creative problem solver, an innovative thinker and a team player. The website offers many examples that contextualize engineering concepts and spurs kids to explore those concepts on their own or with a parent or educator. The DESIGN SQUAD NATION website equips kids with science and math skills, inspires them, and lays the foundation they need to participate in engineering activities later in life.

Samples of our work

Inflatable Sculptures
Balloon Joust
Air Cannon
Balloon Cars
Balloon Hovercrafts

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