Peep and the Big Wide World teaching strategy videos

The Peep and the Big Wide World website now features a series of professional development videos for early childhood educators based in centers and home-based family childcare.  These videos look at each of the six Peep science themes – Color, Sound, Plants, Shadows, Balls/Ramps, and Water — and show educators modeling the following four sets of teaching strategies for each unit.

  1. Science Talk
  2. Individualized Instruction
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Documentation & Reflection

Since 2002 I have worked on the live action segments for the TV show, and had the privilege of working with WGBH on the production of this new professional development series.   Enjoy and please share!  Scroll down for sharing buttons on this post.

Bilingual Science Teaching Strategy Videos

Below are direct links to each of the 72 videos in this teaching strategy section. That’s 6 science units x 4 teaching strategies x 3 (Centers, Family Childcare English, and Family Childcare Spanish).Continue reading “Peep and the Big Wide World teaching strategy videos”

Plum Landing PBS Kids Series

You can see the latest work our team has produced in the live action videos for Plum Landing, a new project from PBS Kids.  Plum Landing is a “PBS KIDS website/media project that uses webisodes, games, & hands-on activities to help 6-9 year olds see their planet from a whole new perspective!” Animated webisodes will premiere on PBS stations nationwide this week as part of the Arthur Earth Day celebration. TV Schedule.
Check out the website, apps and social media via links below.

Butterflies drinking using proboscis

Couldn’t resist filming painted lady butterflies drinking from a butterfly bush outside the house today.  They were so busy they didn’t mind the camera an inch away.

“No Kid Can Resist a Mud Puddle”

A family member just sent me this video of a young deer having a blast playing in a mud puddle.  At least it certainly looks like the deer is having fun!

In my children’s TV work we’ve probably a dozen segments showing kids playing with mud and muddy water in different ways.  I call these “automatic” segments because it doesn’t take any effort to get kids to engage with the topic.  Just tell ’em what we’re doing and off they go. I love this interstitial showing three girls building a dam in a back yard.   Always a good sign when I want to do the activity!

When I was teaching preschool years ago we had a special “mud week” and had kids come in prepared to get seriously dirty.  I can’t wait for this Spring when my young daughter will be ready for some serious mud fun.

Educators, I highly recommend the book Worms, Shadows, and Whirlpools by Karen Worth and Sharon Grollman.