Mobile Video Tips for the Peoples Climate March

If you’re going to the People’s Climate March, you are going to one of the most important demonstrations in history!  We want and need you to help capture the voices of the people present.  Here are some tips for making video with your smart phone.You can follow my climate march tweets on Twitter @ClimateSocial, that’s my account for all of my volunteer climate media coverage and training.  See you in NYC!  ~ Peter

First, Your Mobile Video Mission

Your mobile video mission, should you choose to accept it, is to capture the voices of the people present.  With 100,000+ of us there, no one can capture all the voices. It is going to take all of us.  So, while we’ll all be taking video of the amazing crowds, the art, the signs,  make sure you take a video of the people you’re with sharing why they’re marching. It can be really simple:

“I’m [name] and I’m marching because  (or for) ….”   

Just give us that one statement on camera.  Then, if you’re so moved,  tell us about the march, what you’re experiencing, how it feels, etc…

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9/23 Event: “Never Alone? The Perils and Promises of Community in the Digital Age”

LIKE - (C) IstockPhotoInterested in social media, changing technology and culture? This coming Wednesday, October 23, 2013  I am speaking at the Learning Community at First Church Boston.  The talk is titled   “Never Alone?  The Perils and Promises of Community in the Digital Age.”   If you’re in the greater Boston area I hope you’ll join me.   There is an optional dinner ($) before the talk, but the talk at 7:30pm is free and open to the public.  It will be a combination of presentation followed by discussion.  Full details below.

“Never Alone?  The Perils and Promises of Community in the Digital Age”
Speaker:  Peter Bowden
October 23, 2013  First Church Boston, MA
66 Marlborough St., Boston, MA 02116 Map
7:30pm Presentation – Free
6:00pm Optional Dinner – $12  Online Reservation for Dinner

Thanks to smart phones, people across the world are becoming increasingly connected to the Internet and each other. There are now more cell phones on our planet than toilets, and these phones are getting smarter and smarter. The trends in our country?  Despite the vast potential of social media and tools like Facebook and Twitter to bring us together, we are statistically some of the loneliest people on earth.  What happened?  Where are we going?  Combining presentation and facilitated discussion, we’ll explore the trends and the all important question: “What kind of lives and communities do we want to create?”

Peter Bowden is an independent television producer, and consultant working with nonprofits and congregations helping them adapt to changing technology and culture.   Peter is a frequent speaker and is known for his contagious enthusiasm. He is the husband of Amy Freedman, consulting minister at First Church.

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To succeed, first you must exist…

I’ve been helping a number of people get up to speed with blogging, Facebook and Twitter this month.

Mostly people who are launching projects of their own and need to set up an online presence.  I think a lot of people are catching on to the fact that they need to keep up with these tools or they’re going to miss out.

We’ve entered a time when we all need to be thinking about personal branding and think of ourselves as our own bosses — even if you work for someone else…

A recent client of mine was told, “I love what you said, but I Googled you and you don’t exist.  Let me know when you exist…”  With a little help he does.

Do you exist?

If you’re going to succeed, I think you need to.  At least online.