Thoughts on a UU Roku Channel?

Roku XDS
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Friends, I just received the following message from a user of my site UnitarianUniversalism.TV inquiring about a the development of a ROKU channel for distributing Unitarian Universalist video content via streaming video.

“Hey guys. I wonder if there’s any news about UUTV potentially creating a channel on the Roku box to stream its way into people’s homes? Roku has a huge user-base and features new channels in its channel store. That would be a great way to get the message of Unitarian Universalism out to millions of people. UUTV could make its way right into millions of American living rooms. Other denominations are doing it – Jews, evangelical Christians, Mormons, Catholics, you name it. Shouldn’t UUs if we’re to be the “religion for our time”? Just a thought. I’ve been using my Roku and would love to have UUTV on there. Regards and thanks for all your hard work.”

He reports there being a growing number of other religious channels using the internet streaming video service, see  SPIRITUALITY section of the Roku Channel directory.

I see the potential of being able to stream high quality UU video directly to people on their TVs.  However,  I do not personally use a Roku Box, don’t many who do,  and it would require serious UU collaboration to make such a thing happen.

When it comes to increased outreach, right now I’m thinking that I can do more by focusing what time I have available into producing social media optimized short Youtube videos about our faith. Videos that can capitalize on the social media technology I know people are using such as Facebook and Twitter, and the increasing number of people with mobile devices.


  • Any thoughts?
  • Any other tech you think we should be looking at?
  • If you could have a one minute UU video produced about any relevant topic, what would you have produced?  We’re talking outreach and education.


You may learn more about Roku at and watch web based UU TV at UnitarianUniversalism.TV.

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Creating a “Culture of Yes” Tweetchats 12/22 and 1/5

We have two upcoming Tweetchat’s scheduled on the topic of creating a “Culture of Yes!” — one this Thursday, the other the first Thursday of the new year.  This subject follows our last #UURiskFaithers Tweetchat on Supporting emerging & entrepreneurial Unitarian Universalist ministries.

Tweetchat Times

For these conversations we’ll be chatting using the #uuriskfaithers tag.  To access the room CLICK HERE at times listed below.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 1pm ET
A more UK friendly time for this international conversation!
Tweetchat archive on Storify by RevNaomi

Thursday, January 5, 2012 at  8PM EST /7PM CST  (corrected time)


Phillip Lund   Rev. Naomi King  Andy Pakula

Phillip Lund: 
@UURevPhil Minnesota MSP Saint Paul USA
UU minister, husband, wannabe GeekDad. Interests: parenting, religion, interspirituality, digital ministry, interfaith relations, social media, & more.

Rev. Naomi King
@revnaomi Western Broward County, FL
Unitarian Universalist preacher, teacher, knitter, swimmer, reader, coffee drinker, lover of life!
Andy Pakula: @apakula What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and understanding? A Unitarian minister in London.

Tweetchat: Supporting Emerging and Entrepreneurial #UU Ministries

Join us for the following Tweetchat scheduled for December 8th.  I’ll be joining the conversation.  Hope you will too.

New to Twitter and Tweetchats? A “Tweetchat” allows you to pull together all tweets (Twitter messages) marked with the same hashtag (#something) forming a conversation.  The website, and other tools, can easily pull together every Twitter message in the Universe with a give hashtag making it easy to focus on one conversation during a set time.  Tomorrow we’ll be chatting using the #uuriskfaithers tag.


Supporting emerging & entrepreneurial Unitarian Universalist ministries!


8:00 PM  Eastern
7:00 PM Central


Phillip Lund   Rev. Naomi KingPhillip Lund:  @UURevPhil Minnesota MSP Saint Paul USA
UU minister, husband, wannabe GeekDad. Interests: parenting, religion, interspirituality, digital ministry, interfaith relations, social media, & more.

Rev. Naomi King@revnaomi Western Broward County, FL
Unitarian Universalist preacher, teacher, knitter, swimmer, reader, coffee drinker, lover of life!

Hashtag and Tweetchat Room

Intro to Twitter Video


Now Booking: Chalice Man and The Flame Dame!

Friends, you’ve heard of them.  They’ve recently been captured on video (below).  Now the burning question, ahem,  is can they come to your congregation, district, region, camp, conference and/or General Assembly…  YES!!!  I’ve confirmed via a trusted source that Chalice Man and The Flame Dame are ready and willing to appear at your UU event.  Booking information and secret Chalice Man and The Flame Dame email follows.   ~ Peter


Chalice Man and The Flame Dame – UU Superheroes promoting the 7 Principles and Expansion of All Things UU

Unitarian Universalists:  you must wait no longer.  Two superheroes have emerged from relative obscurity, and stand ready, willing, and able to assist in your next endeavor!

Chalice Man and The Flame Dame are available to help with any campaign or activity that could benefit from superhero flash and dash.  If summoned to your premises, we shall arrive, clad in high superhero fashion, prepared to deliver an announcement, testimonial, or skit to encourage participation in an upcoming event or campaign.  We are also available to attend events.

Our recent presence at an auction event and as pre-event speakers created buzz, inspired laughter, and generally lifted spirits.  We are prepared to do the same for you!

Write to us at  Our services can be engaged in exchange for travel expenses; depending on the task and the time and travel involved, we may need to charge modest fees on a sliding scale.


Reflections on Ministry UUA Video Series

In this video series from the Unitarian Universalist Association,  religious professionals reflect on Unitarian Universalist ministry in all its forms.  Each video ranges from 2 to 4 minutes.  According to the Rev. Harlan Limpert, UUA Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support Administration,  the last videos in the series will be released over the next two weeks.  If you don’t see your video here, stay tuned! ~ Peter

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – What do you love about ministry?
Updated version – 12/12/2011

Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministers respond to the question, “What do you love about ministry”? In two minutes and six seconds, ten current UU ministers describe what they love about being in ministry. Very moving.

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Unitarian Universalist Ministry – How is your ministry transformative?

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Unitarian Universalist Ministry – How possible is work-life balance?

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Unitarian Universalist Ministry – So you think you have a calling?

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What questions should you ask yourself about ministry

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Five UU music professionals talk about their music ministries.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry – The ministry of military chaplaincy.

A Unitarian Universalist minister and active Navy chaplain shares the joys and challenges of military chaplaincy.

Three Unitarian Universalist ministers of color reflect on their ministries.

Facebook UU Lab Directory as of 11/11/11

UU Growth Lab on FacebookThe following is a directory of topic focused UU labs on Facebook.  After I launched the UU Growth Lab in February 2011, lab members immediately started launching “spin-off” labs in an organic fashion.   For those not familiar with the UU Growth Lab, I like to think of it as a virtual lounge where UU leaders can discuss issues related to the healthy, growth and future of Unitarian Universalism 24/7.  The other labs are similar, just with focused topics.

Thanks to all who have worked to create, nurture and growth the various lab communities on Facebook!

Here are the labs listed in launch order.