Video Ministry Academy Fall Enrollment

Happy August! As we move into startup mode for the Fall I wanted to invite congregational leaders — religious professionals, staff and volunteers — to join Video Ministry Academy.

Video Ministry Academy is skill training, strategy masterclass, and learning community for congregational leaders. For all the details including a new video with me walking you through the program visit

These are challenging times. If you’re like most leaders I know, you know that these times require you to skill up and implement new strategies. Be kind to yourself and prioritize learning that is going to support your success.

Word on the street is that I’m a joyful and enthusiastic trainer who delivers practical tips and strategies in a way that makes learning fun.

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Peter’s Pandemic Podcast Pivot!

Hi friends! I wanted to let you know that the COVID19 pandemic has me working primarily with congregations right now, my core training community.

In response, I am shifting the focus of my podcast — congregations, digital strategy, and helping leaders of community organizations adapt to digital life online. Interested?

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Previously I was working with a growing range of organizations with an increasing focus on helping people build community face to face. I’ve put that community building work on hold.

I am now focusing my working on supporting my network of congregational, nonprofit, and community leaders as they work to adapt to covid19, learn new digital skills, and implement new strategies.

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As always, thank you for your leadership!

Covid19: How to adapt our ministry and thrive

Friends, in this session I share foundations of the strategy I’m recommending congregations implement to thrive in these times.

I also preview the training programs I’m rolling out to support you.
They include strategy and skill training in three primary areas:

• Video for ministry leaders
• Small group ministry
• Social media strategy

A few key points from this session

VIDEO SKILLS: Religious professions need to become highly proficient in creating and using video content in their ministry. That content, live and recorded, is the foundation of a DIGITAL FIRST ministry. That’s the context of our ministry with other gatherings to be integrated as we are able.

SMALL GROUPS: Small groups translate beautifully to an online Zoom meeting environment and are the first kind of groups that we’ll be able to phase in — small groups in controlled spaces with people we know.
If you plan to accomplished your ministry through small group ministry, you can knock it out of the park.

SOCIAL MEDIA: If ever we’ve needed to rock social media, now is the time. But not just random social media. We need to use it with integrity and purpose! I recommend using social media to deliver video content that engages people in the life of the congregation — worship and small groups – and expands the reach and impact of your ministry.

If you weave these three pillars together, I believe any congregation that was successful pre-covid19 can thrive in these times. If you didn’t have a strategy before COVID19 and social distancing, these strategies can serve you.

I’m launching three training programs corresponding to the areas.

First video, then small groups, then social media.

Much more to come shortly!
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Go team!

Covid19 Strategy: Newcomers, Congregations, and the Digital Path to Membership

In response to the COVID19 coronavirus, we are moving our worship, ministries, and congregational life online at lightning speed. As we do so, many congregations are reporting an increase in first-time visitors. They just happen to be ONLINE visitors. This increase in online visitors is something we should expect and plan for!

I’ve spoken frequently about congregations creating a digital path to membership. Previously that was to connect those exploring online with our mostly offline congregations. Now we need to create a digital path to membership to connect people successfully with our primarily online congregations.

In this session, I share some of the key strategies from my “Digital Path to Membership” workshop, share thoughts on adapting established best practices for our present context, and answer questions for the remainder of the hour.

Online Worship? Zoom Meeting versus Zoom Webinar

Congregations are moving their worship services online in response to the Covid19 coronavirus. Many are choosing Zoom as a platform.

This raises the question, should your congregation use Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar?

I’ve been discussing this with clients and colleagues.

Here’s a quick discussion of considerations following Zoom’s comparison chart.

What if we have to cancel church because of the Covid19 Coronavirus?

On covid19, social distancing, limiting large gatherings, and your digital ministry strategy.

This is a strategy session to get your congregation thinking about the Covid19 coronavirus and your digital strategy should you face community spread and required “social distancing” such as limiting large gatherings and quarantines.

Specifically, how can we use social media, live video, and other tools to accomplish the work and ministry of your congregation without gathering face-to-face? This is something we need to be preparing for and I have strategy ideas to get you thinking.

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