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Welcome!  I’m a speaker, trainer, and coach based in Cambridge, MA.  I help individuals, teams, and organization infuse their  work and lives with connection, meaning, and action.  I use digital and face-to-face strategies (small groups!) to improve communication, build community, and increase performance.  I work with a diverse group of clients from nonprofits and congregations to authors, entrepreneurs, and independent activists.

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My work is increasingly focused on helping leaders and their organizations combine digital and face-to-face strategies to build community, facilitate meaningful interactions, and inspiring action.

I work with a diverse group of clients from nonprofits and congregations to authors, entrepreneurs, and independent activists.  If you’d like to discuss working together, contact me and we can plan a call to explore the possibilities. ~ Peter



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Exciting news! I’ve started a new podcast with my friend, colleague, and internationally recognized climate activist Tim DeChristopher. The Climate Workshop Podcast is dedicated to working through the challenges of the climate crisis from the uncharted to the unthinkable. Here’s how to subscribe and listen.

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Cloudy skies in Cambridge, MA made for a dramatic eclipse.  Cue the Halloween music!  Filmed Aug 21, 2017.  Amazing, but not quite the over the top crazy spiritual experience some of the people experiencing the full eclipse had. See full eclipse videos below.   Here are a some amazing videos of the full eclipse…

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Our Plum Landing video “Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Family Outdoors” is featured in the National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM Video Hall!
Plum Landing (PBS Kids) is one of the STEM educational media projects I work on as an educator/producer. Usually I’m off camera, but in this I’m doing fabulous science and nature exploration with my daughter and her friends.

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The Curious George Show Seasons 1- 9 are now available to rent on Youtube individually or with a season pass.  The children’s production team I work with produces all of the live action segments for Curious George.  For the production of these segments, I serve as educator, associate producer, art department, and awesome amplifier! Watch… Read More

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Boston, MA — In an effort to bring attention to the growing number of deaths caused by climate driven extreme heat and the dangers of continued fossil fuel extraction, Boston area activists staged the “Mass Graves Pipeline Protests” on June 29th.  To connect the dots between mass graves in Pakistan and the trenches being dug… Read More

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Recently Google’s Deep Mind software “Alpha Go” beat the top player of the game GO  in the world.  What does this mean for the future?  Well, this milestone — beating the top human Go player — came faster than experts in the field of AI expected.  All of our predictions (and potential worries) about the… Read More

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