Social media, smartphones, and other technologies are changing the world around us at a staggering rate.  How people think, feel, and act is being shaped by these technologies.  While full of promise and potential,  in many cases people are increasingly isolated, have social anxiety, and not participating in healthy groups and larger communities.

For over 15 years I have been helping organizations deepen community through small group networks, and more recently, with corresponding social media dimensions.

From small groups to social media, my work is dedicated to developing connections to enhance our lives and the institutions that support us.

Interested in harnessing the power of human connection to advance your nonprofit, school, congregation, or socially conscious business?  Contact me  with a little background and we can schedule a call to discuss the possibilities.

The Small Group Lab
This January I am launching a new project focused on strengthen the social fabric of our society.  Through the Small Group Lab I will be sharing the small group training, coaching, and  resources I have been developing since 2001 to a larger audience. This will include making great group resources available via a Creative Commons sharable license, as well as sharing a more “open source” model for small group design and content development.  More more on that to come!

Minns Lecture with Peter Bowden and Naomi King
Presenting on Social Media, Collaboration at the Boston Minns Lecture Series
Peter Bowden leading event
Social Media and Community Building Training in Colorado Springs, CO


Reporting at the Peoples Climate March for Unitarian Universalist Association