Social media, smartphones and other technologies are changing our world at a rate that is hard to keep up with.   Specializing in bridging online and offline community building, I help nonprofit, progressive faith, and other justice leaders keep on top of these changes, learn new skills, and upgrade their strategies.   Because I work on a wide range of projects, the best way to know if I’d be interested in a project, event, or collaboration is to ask.  You may contact me here.

Covering the Peoples Climate March for the Unitarian Universalist Association
Minns Lecture with Peter Bowden and Naomi King
Speaking to religious professionals on changing technology and culture / Minns Lecture
Peter Bowden and Children Exploring Nature in City
Working with educational media / Plum Landing (PBS Kids)
Peter Bowden leading event
Social media training for non-profit and congregational leaders
Tim DeChristopher and Mass Graves Pipeline Protest
Amplifying impact of Boston area climate actions
peterbowden speakingga
Keynote speaking on changing culture, technology, community, activism