Peter Bowden and Children Exploring Nature in City

From 2002 – 2020 I produced live-action activity segments for nationally syndicated children’s television programs and web series. My role focused on the content of these activity segments and working with the children.   I served as a producer, educator, mad mud scientist, art department, and much more!

Usually, off-camera, you can play “Where’s Peter”on PBS Kids.  Sometimes I appear as the adult walking with or helping the kids, other times I’m in the background trying not to be noticed.  Here’s a Youtube Playlist with some samples.

Sorry, I’m Not in Development

Sorry, I don’t work in the development of new shows and am not able to connect you with people in my network and make your children’s media dreams come true. I’ve worked with the same team as a subcontractor of a subcontractor for a handful of big clients for years and they have their own development process that I am not a part of. 

Speaking & Training

If you have a production team that would like to learn from our 20 years of experience, you may contact me for speaking and training inquiries. 

TV Shows & Web Series

So far I’ve worked on the following broadcast and web-based programs, many of them Emmy Award winners.

Again, I don’t make new shows…

Again, I don’t work in the development of new shows and am not able to connect you with anyone who does. I was never involved in that process. Those people got their shows picked up and funded and then they hired someone to make the live-action activity content with kids and that person contacted me!