Since  2002 I’ve worked as a producer, educator, art department, prop master and more on the production of live action content for a wide range of programs, mostly PBS Kids projects.

Our team specializes in producing short-form content  to accompany cartoon programming.  In fact, if you watch PBS Kids you can play “Where’s Peter” and look for me in the background in many of the live action segments in the shows listed below.

Projects to Date

We produce or have produced content for the following Emmy Award-winning broadcast and web-based programs:

I’m Not in Development

Sorry, I don’t work in development and am not able to connect you with people in my network and make your children’s media dreams come true. I’ve worked with the same team as a subcontractor of a subcontractor for a handful of big clients for years and they have their own development people.  Can’t help you other than this info on pitching shows and a quick orientation to TV show Bibles.