Welcome!  I share this page with information about my television work and some resource links on the development and pitching of new shows not because I work with new show development, but because I DO NOT.   I work on the production of FULLY FUNDED shows that have already been pitched, developed and are on their way to a TV or other screen near you.  But so many people were contact me regarding pitching shows — again, not my area — I set up this page clarify my work, share what I can help with, and offer a few resources links.

My Work with Children’s Television

Since 2002  I’ve worked on the production of nationally syndicated children’s television and web based programs.  This has been primarily on projects produced for PBS Kids by WGBH and Universal Studios. 

My area of expertise is developing and leading the science, math, engineering and other activities you see children doing in short live action segments on many children’s TV shows.  I am an educator specializing in working with children in a television production environment.

If you have a budget and are ready to hire someone to work with children on a production, whether it is on-camera or off-camera,  that we can discuss!

(In addition to that,  I speak, lead trainings and coach people on issues related to changing technology, culture, rocking their social media, and other coaching.)

Pitching Shows — Not My Department

As I noted at the top, I DO NOT work on the development of new shows.  Everything I work on is already 100% fully funded.  I have no experience in the area of going from idea to funded and now your show is on TV and you’re a rich and famous kids media mogul.

What about my contacts?  I actually don’t have that many.  I was an amazing pre-school teacher doing fantastic science and other activities with my class.  I happen to teach the child of a television producer who later asked me to work on a new nationally syndicated preschool science show.  Shazaam!!!   I went from no TV work to a working on an every increasing line-up of projects. 

I work with the people who are hired by various studios to produce the live action.  They contract with me as an on-location educator, kid wrangler, art and prop master, mad mud scientist and more!!!!    That means I have ZERO contact with studio development departments.    

I Can Help With…

If you’ve read the above and you’re thinking “That’s exactly what I need. I have a budget and I’m looking to hire someone just like you to work on our production.”  or “I get that you can’t waive a wand and make my dreams come true, but I would like to schedule a session with you to pick your brain at whatever your hourly rate is.”  well then I’d be happy to have you contact me.

Again, if you’re ready and looking to hire someone to do what I do, or you value my experience and want to schedule a session to talk about something related to my areas of expertise (pick my brain), go ahead and contact me.

On Pitching Shows

If you’re looking for help with the pitching and development of new shows, read on!  Here are a few notes and resources for you.

What should you do next?

Given that you can’t pitch your show to me,  what should you do?  Critical is your understanding how ideas are protected and understanding how show concepts are documented and shared within the industry.   Below are some resources you may find helpful.

Protecting Your Idea

You need to protect your ideas.  Until you get your amazing concepts (ideas) down in text, documented and registered anyone can take them. You can’t copyright raw ideas that are nothing more than flickering impulses in that beauty of a brain of yours.  You have to create something concrete from the idea  – a treatment, a script, a character – and register it appropriately.  Don’t ask me how, I’m not a lawyer or in the development business.

Do I have recommended resources on this?  Yes.  I found the book The Writer Got Screwed (But Didn’t Have To) : A Guide to the Legal and Business Practices of Writing for the Entertainment Industry (affiliate link) a very helpful orientation.

If you have an amazing concept you’d like to be made into a TV show, it’s a great idea to document it in the form of a Bible.  Not THE BIBLE, but a television SHOW BIBLE.

What’s a TV Show / Series Bible?

In the world of television a Bible is a document describing the Universe of a television show.  It outlines the premise, the format, describes the characters, primary locations, and the kind of adventures the characters have.   Now you may not need to have this to pitch a show, but it certainly can help organize your ideas, further the development of the project, and communicate to those in the industry that you’re serious.

Did you hear that?  Having a Bible communicates that you’re serious, have done your homework, and possibly are worth talking to.

As far as I’m concerned, if you aren’t willing to take the time to construct a Bible for your show, you don’t care enough to be making a show.  Or maybe you are an idea person and need to partner with someone who can write and move things along.

Either way, not much is going to happen if you can’t write your idea in a way that it can be protected, pitched and ultimately produced!

Sample TV Show Bibles

So how do you get started with writing your show’s Bible?  Well, you should get your hands on some samples.

Unfortunately these are hard to come by, especially online.  None of the show Bibles for the projects I work on are available online and I don’t have permission to share them.

Have no fear!

There is a great sample show Bible in Jeffrey Scott’s book  How to Write for Animation.   Even if your show is live action, puppet based, etc… the content is still worth reviewing.

There are also some websites with small collections of Bibles, though not many for children’s television.  See resource links below. Unfortunately I do not have sample Bibles I can share with you.

Additional Resources


  1. This is extremely helpful. Thanks for posting.
    I’m planning to pitch an idea for a short (one or two minute) how-to series that would air between preschool children’s full-length programs (like the Dan Zanes music videos did a few years ago.) How many projects would you recommend I include in my Bible? It will be based on my website and app, which contain more projects than I could possibly pitch, so I’m assuming I’d just choose the best and most visually appealing of those experiments. Would you recommend I include links to my own videos and TV spots, or hire a professional to shoot unique videos of a specific length to pitch to potential sponsors and producers?
    My project seems very different from most of the Bibles I saw in your links, so I’m a little unsure about how to proceed.

  2. I was just researching how to pitch a pilot and came across your post here. This was helpful, especially since I was lucky enough to have this book in the university library. I’m going to check it out now.

  3. Sooo when can I set up a meeting for me to pitch my idea for a show to you again? By the way, this was very helpful. ;P

  4. Starting in September of 2008, I began working on a new television project while simultaneous investing 10-12 hours a day (everyday) into studying the Entertainment Industry. Where it has been an education, there is no one standard that anyone can use to get from point “A” to point “B” in trying to break into this business. I might agree that there are guidelines as to what not to do that I recommend your reader pay attention to. There is nothing more devastating than getting one of the letters from an attorney warning you not to try to sidestep a network’s submission policies. I know, I got two of them and for a moment, you are certain your career is over before it ever got started.
    This does not mean that you shouldn’t be willing to step outside the box and put your creative hat on. At one point, I even resorted to old Hollywood tactics and went to LA, dressed myself to the 9’s and everywhere I went, I walked in like I owned the place. I had done my homework and knew exactly who it was I wanted to see. At one major producer’s office, the security guard opened the elevator, put in the key and pressed the penthouse button letting me go before ever calling to verify the appointment, which I did not have. Where I realize I could have gotten in trouble for this, they liked my aggressiveness and the fact that I reminded them of how business used to be done that I got their audience for an hour and continue to communicate still today.
    While sitting poolside in Rocky Point, I met a girl who was the college roommate of the wife of one of the Executive VP’s of Advertising at one of the mainstream networks. She was actually going to be living in their house for a few weeks while remodeling her house. Before the week was out, I had hired her to present my Business Plan during dinner one night and offered her a job in my company if she was successful. He called it a “Cash Cow” and actually had his wife call me to become my agent. Where his review was without a signed submission agreement, his wife could rep me without creating a conflict of interest. He has offered to help once it is pitched.
    I am now extracting information out of my 484 page Business Plan in the final stages of creating my Show Bible. I know the show and its unique theme will do well. I’ve received some 300,000 applications from interested participants and my website according to Alexia has gone from being the 239 millionth website in the world to one of the 7 million most visited in only a matter of years. I’ve landed sponsors committing 20.25 Million Dollars to be included in the show changing my approach with the Networks from trying to sell the show to now bartering for the airtime. My hope is that will catch the interest and attention of the network, especially because those same sponsors are committing to also buy commercial time during the show which is separate and not part of the sponsorship agreement.
    In addition to the network in LA, I have somehow captured the attention of a cable network from NY and forecasting the changes in the industry with the growth of Internet TV (now 100+ networks strong, I’m guiding my company a little differently than the norm, but it appears to be working, or soon will be. Thanks for your insights; I will put it to good use. By the way, I am 57 years old, and the company I am setting up will long outlive me as I have developed a total of eleven television show and seven film projects with one I consider to be the flagship of the company, and first to launch. As for my other projects, those I’m inviting into my company know that the goose-bump moment in my life will be the day someone puts an idea on the table and as I look around the room, I see the light bulbs starting to go off. Whatever that idea may be, that will be our next huge show.
    You’ve got my information and my website addresses. Take a look and if you see yourself fitting into this adventure, let’s talk … who knows, there definitely could be a payday in it for you too.

    1. I am 55 years old and have what i believe would be a hugely successful children’s television show. The concept is based on multi ethnic characters and great story lines . The characters are created and drawn. Just need direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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