With video production tools  such as cameras and editing software becoming affordable and of high quality, producing video in-house is now a realistic possibility.  When planning to move (or start) video production in-house make sure you budget for  training.

While the tools are easy to acquire, knowing how to use them doesn’t come in the box.   When pitching the idea of doing in-house video production (or if you are told you’ll be doing it) place a training budget line item in the plan.  Let those in charge know that their will be ongoing cost savings only if those using the equipment are sufficiently trained.

This is a smart investment as video production without the training isn’t productive at all.

Video Production TrainingPoorly executed in-house video production can

  1. Eat staff time
  2. Look amateurish
  3. Hurt your image

In-house video production done well

  1. Greatly increases your media output per $$$
  2. Allowing you to engage more regularly with your community
  3. Feeding all those video hungry social media users

Those of you with regular staff retreats, how about losing the ropes course for a year and go instead for a digital video production boot camp?

Budgets tight?  We can organize an event with registration fee.  Your team gets in for free and the fee for participation from other organizations pays for the training fee.

In-house video production – you can do it.  And if you want training, we can help.