Do you have a story about being a Unitarian Universalist in the digital age?

I have a number of sermons and workshops coming up where I’m speaking about Unitarian Universalism, ministry, community, and friendship in the digital age.  I would love to share some of your stories, illustrations, testimonial and other thoughts during these presentations.  All comments will be anonymous unless specifically requested.

You can comment on this page, Tweet or DM me @uuplanet, email me, or leave voice message at (617) 744-9784.

A few prompts…

  • How do you connect with UU’s online? What’s the meaning of these relationships in your life?
  • How would you like UU’s congregating face-to-face to be in relationship with those congregating digitally?
  • Where do you see digital media and online communication tools taking us, or maybe pushing us to go?  The pro’s and con’s?

Up Next:

  • Guest speaking July 10th Williamsburg, VA
  • Leading week-long workshop at Star Island RE Week conference, July 16-23. “Technology, Social Media and the Future of Faith Formation”
  • Now booking for Fall 2011 – Spring 2012.