Friends, you’ve heard of them.  They’ve recently been captured on video (below).  Now the burning question, ahem,  is can they come to your congregation, district, region, camp, conference and/or General Assembly…  YES!!!  I’ve confirmed via a trusted source that Chalice Man and The Flame Dame are ready and willing to appear at your UU event.  Booking information and secret Chalice Man and The Flame Dame email follows.   ~ Peter


Chalice Man and The Flame Dame – UU Superheroes promoting the 7 Principles and Expansion of All Things UU

Unitarian Universalists:  you must wait no longer.  Two superheroes have emerged from relative obscurity, and stand ready, willing, and able to assist in your next endeavor!

Chalice Man and The Flame Dame are available to help with any campaign or activity that could benefit from superhero flash and dash.  If summoned to your premises, we shall arrive, clad in high superhero fashion, prepared to deliver an announcement, testimonial, or skit to encourage participation in an upcoming event or campaign.  We are also available to attend events.

Our recent presence at an auction event and as pre-event speakers created buzz, inspired laughter, and generally lifted spirits.  We are prepared to do the same for you!

Write to us at  Our services can be engaged in exchange for travel expenses; depending on the task and the time and travel involved, we may need to charge modest fees on a sliding scale.