The new UUs and Allies Nationwide Community Radio Network is forming now.

Can you imagine UU community radio stations across the U.S. sharing the good news of our religion along with great local programming?

Can you see us partnering with other like-minded groups in our towns to create a resource that strengthens our outreach and highlights clear thinking, sensible news casting, and local talent?

Thanks to the work of many people, the Low Power Community Radio passed in 2011, paving the way for the release of the LAST 2000-3000 low power FM broadcast frequencies that will be awarded by the FCC to communities in the U.S.

The time to prepare is now. There will be a very short window of time for the applications to be filed this year. Be ready! Some preliminary actions are needed immediately. Prometheus Radio is gathering information on interested applicants in February, 2012. Be one of them! Start talking with interested people and potential partner organizations. Keep abreast of the latest information from the FCC. Sign up for info and training here:

Submit the Group Profile of your congregation here:

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in 2012 that will not happen again.
This is an opportunity we don’t want to miss.
If we don’t capture these airwaves, the radical right will.

Kindra Muntz, Co-Chair
UUs and Allies Nationwide Community Radio Network

Board Members:

  • UU Mary Francis OK (has 2 Construction Permits from the 2007 window, and possibly another to be awarded)—Co-Chair
  • UU Kindra Muntz FL (Co-Chair, UU Legislative Ministry of Florida, Election Reform Activist and author of successful 2011 AIW re: Citizens United)—Co-Chair
  • UU Rev. Chuck Freeman TX (Host of ‘Soul Talk’ radio and activist minister, Live Oak Unitarian Universalist)
  • Ally Sue Wilson CA (Emmy Award winning Writer/Producer of Documentary “Broadcast Blues”)
  • Ally Matt Joplin OK (Founder of Food for Thought–food and learning site for the homeless)
  • Ally Todd Urick CA (Common Frequency Radio Engineer and author of a definitive study on LPFM)
  • UU Tom Killorin WA (Board Member of KSER, and Eliot Institute, a UUA camp)
  • UU David Barbour NM (has 2 full-power radio stations in NM)
  • UU Teresa Allen TX (Member of Pacifica Board and KPFT board in Houston)
  • Ally Al Davis NY (Radio Engineer at WGXC community radio, Hudson, NY and WXPI in PA)