Rev. Jim Antal, Minister and President, Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ, speaks at the Massachusetts State House during the #DivestMA Global Divestment Day event on 2/12/15 organized by 350 Mass. For more on Global Divestment Day visit

“Our forebear in the faith, John Winthrop, proclaimed that the citizens of what would become Massachusetts “shall be as a city upon a hill” and that the eyes of all people would be upon them.  When the national Synod of the United Church of Christ voted to divest in July 2013, Archbishop Desmond Tutu emailed his congratulations to me within the hour, adding, “We hope others will follow your splendid example.”  Now its time for the elected leaders of the Commonwealth to make Massachusetts the first state to declare that it is immoral to allow fossil fuel companies to carry out  their business plan, because if they do, they will wreck the earth.  The eyes of all people are upon us.  Let us be as a city on a hill, offering hope as we join with other leaders and forge a new and sustainable path.” – Rev. Jim Antal

Photos from the event
Available for media use with photo credit: Peter Bowden.

Videos from the event
There are 20 videos in this playlist from the event.  This includes those I filmed, plus others as I discover online.