UU Meeting House

This video comes via the Rev. Edmond Robinson of the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Chatham, MA.  A light hearted outreach video featuring lyrics that nicely describes their congregation and Unitarian Universalism at large.

Official Video Description
A cute little song celebrating the UU Meeting House of Chatham, MA, at the “elbow” of Cape Cod, with performances by the Sunday School kids, the adults, the minister, members of the All Worn Out Jug Band, drone aerials of the building and scenes from vibrant church life.”

At the UU Meeting House
by Edmond Robinson

There’s little place in Chatham,
It’s where we like to meet
On a hill, by the village market on Main Street
We question all our answers, we cherish all our doubts
We look for good in everyone and try to work things out

At the UU Meeting House (2x)
We welcome you, as we do your friends, your kids, your spouse
At the UU Meeting House (2x)
We share our hearts, our souls, our minds
At the UU Meeting House.

On old Cape Cod, some search for God while some are humanist
At the Meeting House, we all learn that we must coexist,
We tackle life’s big questions, what’s true and what is just
What we’d do to get out of this stew if it were up to us.Salvation’s not in heaven, or some far-distant place

But in the here and now we try to help the human race,
we’re all interconnected, soul answering to soul,
Loving the good things of this world, that’s just how we roll.