UUs speaking at TEDx Walden Pond

UUs speaking at TEDx Walden Pond

Friends,  the first ever UU Talks event is being held in Boston at UUA Headquarters on Friday, April 28th.

Get your tickets here!  The UUA chapel is not very large so we expect it to sell out.

UU Talks events are modeled after the popular TED Talk format, but in this case feature talks inspired by Unitarian Universalist values.

Tickets fund the media production and distribution online.  When you attend, you are making it possible for Unitarian Universalists (and friends) to share their ideas, stories, values and convictions with a wider online audience.

Congregations interested in hosting a UU Talks event should contact project founder and director, Twinkle Marie Manning, via her UU Talks website. 

Twinkle Marie Manning

A lot of people have been trying to contact me to get involved. Though I have been promoting the project, I am just a project advisor and consultant.  This is Twinkle’s project and she should receive all inquiries.

Speakers in the featured image at the top of this page are Unitarian Universalists offering talks at the TEDx Walden event which inspired this project.

Want to learn more about the project?  Twinkle and I joined the VUU to discuss UU Talks, the model, and how congregations can get involved.  You may also learn more via the UU Talks website and Facebook Page.