Next week I’m offering my “2020 Future Cast” to my 2019 training program for congregational leaders.  This is our final session in the series. We’re discussing top tech and communication trends that are shaping your community, your congregation and the context within which you are doing ministry today.

To my nonprofit and religious professional colleagues, I’m now booking professional chapter group and staff team strategy sessions for 2020. That includes remote Zoom sessions across the United States.
This is a great time to plan opportunities to get oriented to the impact digital culture is having on your community, explore ways to upgrade your strategy and invest in your team’s digital leadership skills.
This can feel overwhelming,  but I make it fun, exciting and very practical.  In addition to group trainings, I also offer private coaching for executives.  Want to discuss the possibilities?   Contact me.

New Year Preview

After the New Year, look for the following:

• new stand-alone on-demand courses
• single session webinars (not subscription)
• ongoing free public LIVE VIDEO sessions
• new podcast coming out this month!

I’ll be sharing much more as these roll out.    Subscribe to get updates!