Friends, for the New Year I’ve launched a new podcast.  It is live and ready for you to subscribe to wherever you listen to podcasts.

Why a podcast?

We have a growing need for community builders who understand how to promote connection and build meaningful relationships wherever they are.

We need more opportunities to come together to explore the issues of our time, with this promoting civic engagement and action.

We also need community leaders to embrace the growing digital context of our lives and learn how to use digital tools to connect, engage, and inspire.

Through this podcast I’m sharing my work with connection, community building, nonprofit and congregational life, small group organizing, social media, digital leadership, and more!

Please subscribe for audio from my trainings, keynotes, guest interviews, Q and A sessions, podcast-only conversations, and audio masterclasses.

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Thank you for subscribing, for being part of the conversation, and for your leadership.

In community,
Peter Bowden