On #ClimateTwitter the question came up, “How do you get other parents talking about climate?”

In addition to proactively raising the subject, I wear a Heart Earth Pin on my winter coat and favorite sport coats all the time.

People I know and people I haven’t’ met yet will spontaneously say, “Hey, I love your pin.”

When they do, I share how I feel about climate, affirm our need to take action, mention how I’m involved with climate movement, and ask if they’re connected to any climate groups. If they are not, I recommend some groups.

When possible, I ask if I can email them information about some great groups like Mothers Out Front, 350, Citizens Climate Lobby, Extinction Rebellion, etc…

I bought 4 or 5 of the pins mentioned in this video via Amazon, but any pin you can wear all the time is great. I checked and Etsy has many options – see below.

Etsy Earth Pin Collection

Earth Heart Pin

Other Earth pins

Amazon links are affiliate links and contribute to my Earth Heart Pin fund. I keep buying and giving away pins. 🙂