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Fetch Season 4 – behold the Electromagnetic Spectrum Stacking Challenge!

Just found  videos of the Fetch with Ruff Ruffman season I worked on Youtube.  I worked on season 4 field production, studio, props, and finale set dressing.

In this video the last two contestants are facing off.  Their final face-off challenge is the electromagnetic spectrum stacking challenge.  I love seen games/props that I made translated into the cartoon portion of the show.  I was also in charge of cheesing up Studio G.  Too. Much. Fun.

UPDATE:  Looks like the video was pulled when episodes where made available to purchase on demand.  You can now get purchase the episode or season pass:

Please don’t tell me your ideas! Not yet. Read this first.

It is always fun networking with people working on new childrens television productions, aspiring producers, writers, and so on.   I am happy to connect.  I invite you to subscribe to this site’s RSS Feed, follow me Twitter and comment on posts.  Great ways to get to know each other.

But please, don’t call or email and try and tell me your ideas. Not yet at least!

You need to protect your ideas.  Until you get your amazing concepts (ideas) down in text, documented and registered anyone can take them. You can’t copyright raw ideas that are nothing more than flickering impulses in that beauty of a brain of yours.  You have to create something concrete from the idea  – a treatment, a script, a character.

When I get cold calls from people who want to work in television, want have their show made, but have no idea of the law and various protections, I refer them to the book The Writer Got Screwed (But Didn’t Have To) : A Guide to the Legal and Business Practices of Writing for the Entertainment Industry (affiliate link).

When you’re ready to expand your team (and have some funding) I’d love to discuss your project.

😉 Peter

Fun ad by PBS – Grover, Curious George, Arthur, Clifford

PBS writes:
This one-minute video, created by PBS, won a Daytime Emmy on June 25, 2010 and shows how PBS KIDS is helping parents and kids explore the world around them as a trusted guide. The video features favorite PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO! characters — Grover, Curious George, Arthur, and Clifford the Big Red Dog — who continue to inspire children everywhere to explore the world around them and realize their potential. For more tips to help children succeed in and out of the classroom, visit

Getting Loonie

This morning I’m working on a t-shirt for an upcoming family reunion taking place in the Squam Lake region of NH.   Just about everything in that area has loons on it as they are all over the lake and can be heard most nights making their hooting call.  Fun studying loon images as I work on my own cartoon loon.

And if you don’t know how to make your own loon call…

Build your in-house video production capacity

With video production tools  such as cameras and editing software becoming affordable and of high quality, producing video in-house is now a realistic possibility.  When planning to move (or start) video production in-house make sure you budget for  training.

While the tools are easy to acquire, knowing how to use them doesn’t come in the box.   When pitching the idea of doing in-house video production (or if you are told you’ll be doing it) place a training budget line item in the plan.  Let those in charge know that their will be ongoing cost savings only if those using the equipment are sufficiently trained.

This is a smart investment as video production without the training isn’t productive at all.

Video Production TrainingPoorly executed in-house video production can

  1. Eat staff time
  2. Look amateurish
  3. Hurt your image

In-house video production done well

  1. Greatly increases your media output per $$$
  2. Allowing you to engage more regularly with your community
  3. Feeding all those video hungry social media users

Those of you with regular staff retreats, how about losing the ropes course for a year and go instead for a digital video production boot camp?

Budgets tight?  We can organize an event with registration fee.  Your team gets in for free and the fee for participation from other organizations pays for the training fee.

In-house video production – you can do it.  And if you want training, we can help.

Fetch with Ruff Ruffman honored with Parents’ Choice Award

Fetch with Ruff Ruffman has just been honored with a 2010 Parents Choice award.  I worked on Fetch season 4 field production, props, finale set and in the studio control room.

See all of the award recipients here.

The Parents’ Choice Award website offers this sound advice:

We all agree that watching too much tv can sprout couch potatoes. But watching age appropriate programs, can germinate learning – about friendship, fish or financial ABCs. Manage your child’s television viewing with intelligent choices and parental controls. Set family limits for the what, when and where television shows can be watched.