5 Reasons to Get Your Family Outdoors!

Our Plum Landing video “Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Family Outdoors” is featured in the  National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM Video Hall!
Plum Landing (PBS Kids) is one of the STEM educational media projects I work on as an educator/producer. Usually I’m off camera, but in this I’m doing fabulous science and nature exploration with my daughter and her friends.
You can see more videos in this Plum Landing Tips for Parents Youtube playlist and on the Plum Landing website family tips section.
The STEM for All Video Hall is open May 15-22. There are a total of 171 short videos showcasing innovative work in STEM Education.
Curious George TV Show

Curious George PBS Seasons 1- 9 on Youtube

The Curious George Show Seasons 1- 9 are now available to rent on Youtube individually or with a season pass.  The children’s production team I work with produces all of the live action segments for Curious George.  For the production of these segments, I serve as educator, associate producer, art department, and awesome amplifier!

Josh Fox Speaking on Arrest of Journalists

In the United States journalism should NOT be a crime

It is a very bad sign when journalists in the United States get arrested.  Please watch the attached video by Josh Fox on the arrest of journalists covering the Dokota Access Pipeline protests.
It is important that we raise the profile of this issue.  Start by discussing with your friends.   Just mention “Did you know police are starting to arrest journalists covering climate protests?”
We can’t let our government and the fossil fuel industry control how the story is framed. US Citizens are rising up not because they are extremists, but because we are under attack from the Fossil Fuel Industry.  It is the fossil fuel industry that is reckless. The fossil fuel industry is the danger.  The US Military has classified it as one of the top threats to our national security as it is a threat multiplier worsening existing threats and creating new ones.

This makes the fossil fuel industry a threat to national security, those who support it accomplices, and  journalists defenders of our nation.

That journalists are being treated as criminals shows the extent to which the fossil fuel industry and its climate crime bosses are calling the shots.  It should terrify you that the fossil fuel industry is using militarized police to do its bidding.

The Boston Mass Graves Pipeline Protest

Boston, MA — In an effort to bring attention to the growing number of deaths caused by climate driven extreme heat and the dangers of continued fossil fuel extraction, Boston area activists staged the “Mass Graves Pipeline Protests” on June 29th.  To connect the dots between mass graves in Pakistan and the trenches being dug by Spectra Energy in Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood, activists including my colleague Tim DeChristopher (I do media work with Tim) and Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna Gore, stormed and occupied the pipeline trenches.

A total of 23 people were arrested with six seeking to go to trial, including Tim DeChristopher and Karenna Gore.  They are calling themselves the Mass Grave 6.

The morning of the action I asked Tim how he was thinking of it.  Is this direct action?  A funeral?  A die-in?  Tim suggested this might be something new as we enter a new age of anticipatory mass graves.

After a series of eulogies for those who have died as a direct result of climate change,  Tim DeChristopher spoke on our entering the “Age of Anticipatory Mass Graves.”

You can see more of my footage and footage by Kori Feener (she filmed activists taking the trench) in the following Democracy Now! segments.

My photos from the action are available for media use at https://flic.kr/s/aHskDcoQPY with photo credit: Peter Bowden

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AI Brain

What does Google DEEP MIND mean for Artificial Intelligence

Recently Google’s Deep Mind software “Alpha Go” beat the top player of the game GO  in the world.  What does this mean for the future?  Well, this milestone — beating the top human Go player — came faster than experts in the field of AI expected.  All of our predictions (and potential worries) about the future, they’re going to come faster than we expect.  The conversations we need to have about the future, we need to have them today.