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To succeed, first you must exist…

I’ve been helping a number of people get up to speed with blogging, Facebook and Twitter this month.

Mostly people who are launching projects of their own and need to set up an online presence.  I think a lot of people are catching on to the fact that they need to keep up with these tools or they’re going to miss out.

We’ve entered a time when we all need to be thinking about personal branding and think of ourselves as our own bosses — even if you work for someone else…

A recent client of mine was told, “I love what you said, but I Googled you and you don’t exist.  Let me know when you exist…”  With a little help he does.

Do you exist?

If you’re going to succeed, I think you need to.  At least online.

“No Kid Can Resist a Mud Puddle”

A family member just sent me this video of a young deer having a blast playing in a mud puddle.  At least it certainly looks like the deer is having fun!

In my children’s TV work we’ve probably a dozen segments showing kids playing with mud and muddy water in different ways.  I call these “automatic” segments because it doesn’t take any effort to get kids to engage with the topic.  Just tell ’em what we’re doing and off they go. I love this interstitial showing three girls building a dam in a back yard.   Always a good sign when I want to do the activity!

When I was teaching preschool years ago we had a special “mud week” and had kids come in prepared to get seriously dirty.  I can’t wait for this Spring when my young daughter will be ready for some serious mud fun.

Educators, I highly recommend the book Worms, Shadows, and Whirlpools by Karen Worth and Sharon Grollman.